Our Staff Team
Sprenger Family

Matt & Heather Sprenger

We met at the tender age of 13 and began dating our senior year of high school after Heather led me to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.  I promptly took her on a date to a Poison and Slaughter concert.  We’re glad to say it’s been uphill since:)

We dated throughout college at WVU, then married in 1995, just after Heather got her degree Psychology.  I finished up a year later with Chemical Engineering degree and we headed off to New Hampshire for

Heather’s post-grad work in Psychology.  In 1999, along came Glenna Rose.  And then, after moving back to Fairmont, Isaac came along in early 2002…which is about the same time we started helping with FSU’s Chi Alpha.  By Fall 2003, we were directing the group as volunteers.  But God was knocking.  On December 31, 2004, I retired from engineering and started my new career in campus ministry the following day.  I’ve been the campus pastor for Fairmont State Chi Alpha and on staff at Trinity Assembly of God, our primary supporter, ever since.

We all love reading, traveling together and just hanging out as a family.  I also enjoy sports, while Heather likes art.  Glenna is really into art and horseback riding, while Isaac loves getting dirty, wrestling, and risk.  Evelyn is into princess, twirling, and being amazingly cute, while Nathan captures us with his attempts not to smile.  Homeschooling is a big part of our family life, as well.  We’d love to have you come and hang out at the Sprenger Farm!

And by the way, we love our students!!

Sarah Halbert

Sarah got connected with Chi Alpha her freshman year at Fairmont State. She lead a Life Group for several years and began mentoring younger student leaders.  As she neared graduation she realized college ministry was a definite passion in her life.  After graduating from FSU with degrees in English and Spanish Secondary Education she spent the 2013-2014 school year completing the Campus Missionary In-Training Program with Fairmont State Chi Alpha.  While she was an intern, Sarah realized there really wasn’t any other job for her, she couldn’t imagine doing anything else.  She has committed to being a Campus Missionary Associate with Fairmont State Chi Alpha for five years and serves also as our Campus Missionary In-Training Administrator. 

And yes, she loves our students! 
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Charlie & Claudia Rosser

Charlie and Claudia are Campus Missionary Associates with Fairmont State Chi Alpha. Charlie graduated from Fairmont State in 2012 after serving as a Life Group leader for several years. Claudia was also very involved with Chi Alpha in college. She graduated from the University of Virginia in 2011 and served as a campus missionary in Spain for one year. Charlie and Claudia met as Chi Alpha interns at the University of Virginia, where their commitment to campus ministry and to each other was solidified. They married in June, 2014 and had their sweet baby girl May 2015 and are excited to serve together on staff with FSU XA!
And they love our students!
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